Welcome to One4Patient

One4patient provides comprehensive primary care directly to you. We are also available 24/7 to provide you real time, any time care. We have the time and tools to work closely with you to achieve your health goals because the only relationship we have is with you. One4patient includes shared medical appointments and weekly group sessions on a range of topics from nutrition to medications because we know you need partners to encourage you on your journey to wellness. One4patient University is part of your subscription, join us as we offer classes teaching proven ways to be happier and healthier. One4patient charges only a monthly subscription fee for unlimited access to our team. Unlimited access helps you avoid further costs and frees up your money, so you can prosper.

Our Team


Dr Hina Sharma


Hina Sharma, M.D. has worked with inpatients, in the hospital and critical care units for the last 15 years. She is now committed to using her critical inpatient knowledge to build strong relationships with patients and prevent the need for urgent or emergent care.


Dr Jingle Cabansay


Jingle Cabansay, ARNP, has had a diversity of experience in the Emergency Room, Trauma Intensive Care, and Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Units. She has seen firsthand the disparity in care because of differences in access and coverage and is now committed to providing 100% access and care to all patients of One4patient.


Dr Mina Abdalla

PharmD, BCPS

Mina Abdalla, PharmD, BCPS is a Critical Care Clinical Pharmacist. In the ICU, he has spearheaded many performance improvement projects resulting in protocols which have saved lives and improved outcomes. He uses his community pharmacy experience to lower prescription costs and provide the most evidence based, safest cost-effective medications to reduce patients’ out of pocket costs.

  • We are a healthcare team that by improving the doctor patient relationship we can improve healthcare outcomes
  • One4Patient provides direct care to the patients, reestablishing the relationship between patients and physicians
  • We are a clear, transparent subscription service, allowing 24/7 access for patients
  • We care for the total patient because we can take the time and know our patients. We promote wellness, not sick care
  • We are virtual

Virtual medicine is the delivery of health care services remotely by the use of digital tools. Fancy words that basically mean that we communicate with you over secure videoconference, email and text. We come into your home virtually, so we can know all the aspects of your life that make up your health and healthcare needs.

Our telemedicine platform includes our revolutionary secure online website and smartphone application. We provide convenient 24-hour access to our team and personal health information from anywhere with an internet connection.

You will receive a digital welcome kit that includes digital exam equipment that allows us to do thorough physical exams.

  • Our patients are welcomed with a digital toolbox which helps to enable our telemedicine.
  • We provide a comprehensive initial visit exactly like an in-office visit. This visit allows us to know your baseline health status and home environment. We identify your goals for what you want to improve in your health and life.
  • We also do genetic screening so that we can help predict disease and customize your medical management.
  • By having this comprehensive baseline, we can not only provide continued primary care but urgent care as well, avoiding the urgent care center, ER and hospital.
  • You can use your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to connect with us.
  • Our patients can access us anytime, anywhere, any device
  • Our patients receive a welcome kit of digital examination tools and applications
  • One4Patient help patients avoid urgent care and ER visits because we are always available and accessible
  • Patients don’t have to leave their house to visit us, they can receive their diagnosis and treatment in real time, shortening the course of their illness, and returning to work healthy sooner
  • We are an added value you provide to your employees, improving employee engagement
  • By accessing us in a timely manner, employees can avoid sick days and perform better when they are at work
  • By addressing preventive care, we can help improve their wellbeing
  • By addressing chronic care, we can improve your employee’s management of their health, resulting in improved productivity
  • Because we do not bill insurance companies, our focus is only on what is best for your employees
  • We accept all patients with or without health insurance. We do not bill insurance companies. Our monthly fee includes unlimited access to our whole team, for whenever you need us, any time, at no extra cost.
  • You can choose to offer our product with no financial commitment
  • You can subsidize partially or fully the employee’s monthly fee
  • The monthly fee is
    • Students $50/month
    • Age 18-40 $75/month
    • Age 41-55 $100/month
    • Age over 55 $125/month
  • We do our best to provide the most cost effective, precise, personalized, evidence-based treatment
  • Typical copay for Urgent Care visit $75
  • Typical copay for Emergency Room visit $100
  • Typical copay for hospital stay (4 days) $1000
  • More than 75% of healthcare costs are due to chronic conditions
  • 35% of adults are prediabetic
  • 49% Americans are at risk for heart disease